You won't always be happy. Even when

you want to choose to be. However, when you choose to search for joy in your life... there are more opportunities to feel that way.


Hey Friends & welcome...

 to this little ol’ blog of mine. I hope you’re ready to cry a little, laugh a little, and receive a huge (virtual) hug from me as we work toward choosing joy together. 


Choosing joy is NOT an easy thing to do. If you struggle with anxiety and depression… you know how taunting thoughts can be. If you are experiencing hard life changes... feeling lost and scared of the unknown future is mentally draining. When it comes to relationships, self-worth, career choice, and/or simply living a positive daily life - it’s HARD to overcome mental illness - it's hard to pick yourself up when life keeps knocking you down. 


The goal of this lifestyle blog is to chat with you about topics ranging from walking through seasons of grief and new beginnings to staying mentally/physically healthy every day. I will share the information I've learned through my education, therapy, and life experience that have helped me walk with grace through seasons of unknown and finding happiness even in the toughest battles. 


You're not alone in this journey friend. Take my (virtual) hand and let's do this together! 


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